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    It��s so great, I can finally go to the Qinglong Waterfall (Ganning Waterfall) that I have longed for. I am so happy and excited, I really want to see the Qinglong Waterfall in the ”Legend”. We are ready to dry food, ready to go, and finally got on the car to Qinglong Waterfall.g the way, the window is full of flowers and plants. Golden rapeseed, purple peas and various wildflowers, here a cluster, there is a cluster, squeezing, they look more beautiful under the green grass; green willows in the spring breeze The boasting of my own hair, the dark green pines straighten the waist, really like a sentinel that can��t be scared by the storm; the dew on the green grass shimmers in the light of the light, like Shiny gems on a green carpet. Gradually []Newport 100S[/url], the scenery in front of me changed into farmland and crops. The land beside the road became pitted, and the trees and flowers became bamboo forests and wildflowers []How Much Is A Carton Of Newports[/url]. Gradually, there was a green, calm river in front of it, which was as green as a jasper and was as quiet as a mirror. Arrived! Arrived! The upstream of Qinglong Waterfall is here! The car continued to move forward to an open space (the entrance to Qinglong Waterfall) []Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url], ng along the stone level, along the way, the birds and flowers are surrounded by trees and green grass, and the tourists are very comfortable. Behind the flowers and trees is a wide, green river. Behind a corner, there was a loud bang and a rain and fog drifting in the wind. I walked fast, an amazing picture – a huge waterfall (Qinglong Waterfall) appeared in front of us, and the rapid flow of water from the gap The 120-meter-high canyon is very spectacular. This scenery is like the momentum of ”three thousand feet flying down the stream, and it is suspected that the Milky Way falls for nine days.” It is said that the Qinglong Waterfall is more than 200 meters long, with a drop of more than 120 meters and a width of more than 40 meters. It is the first waterfall in Asia. There is a huge hole behind the waterfall called ”Water Curtain Cave”. This hole is very large. The huge sound of the water from the waterfall hits the stone 100 meters away from here []Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url]. When we arrived at the entrance of the cave, we also drilled the curtain hole like Sun Wukong []Parliament Cigarettes[/url], and it turned out to be a ”falling monkey.” Arriving across the river and looking at the river, the river shimmers in the breeze of the sun, and looks at the center of the waterfall. A colorful bridge stands in front of the waterfall and is very beautiful. Unconsciously, it was late, and we reluctantly left the Qinglong Waterfall. We walked along the stone level surrounded by flowers and trees, and walked on the stone level surrounded by flowers and trees. Listening to the cheerful sound of the birds, I felt very comfortable and comfortable.glong Waterfall is well-deserved and worth a visit. What do you say?