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    My wish is to carry a broad, green forest. There are many small animals playing around in the woods. Because the forests in the world are rapidly decreasing, greening is a good remedy. So I want to use my hands to make a green envelope and give it to the loggers and tell them: ”The world is everyone’s []Newport Cigarettes[/url], the forest is nature, please don’t arbitrarily logger, destroy the ecological balance!”y wish is to make a newspaper and tell everyone: ”Please start from yourself, start with a piece of confetti at your feet, start from the public, don’t start loudly, start small things, everyone hands Pull your hands, shoulder to shoulder, and use your own ethics to make the world full of sunshine and warmth!”wish is to be a soldier, to guard the frontiers, to hone strong willpower, and to make the people of the motherland happy and stable []Online Cigarettes[/url]. Let the country’s territory be stronger, and makeone��s wish is my wish: ��Let the sky be bluer, make the grass greener, let the stars shine more, make the world a better place!��The word ”childhood” gradually left me. I remembered my childhood, I couldn’t help but laughnight, less than three years old, I naively asked my mother: ”What is this? Mom.” I pointed to the shadow on the ground. Mom smiled and said to me: ”This is your shadow!” I grabbed my head and seemed to understand and nod []Newport Cigarettes Website[/url].ause of curiosity, I began to pay attention to my own shadow. I found that my shadow was short and short, and it was short and high. Therefore, I was scared and cried to my mother and said, ”Mom! The shadow will move! He often follows me!” Mom said to me tenderly: ”Stupid child, because the shadow is yours! So, the shadow will follow you. ��e next day, I gathered my friends together and said, ”Let’s have a ��step shadow contest, okay?�� The friends applauded, but didn’t know how to play. I am proud to say: ”The gameplay is very simple. See whoever steps on the other side’s shadows []Newport Cigarettes Price[/url], even if it wins.” Let’s play and play, we have a foot, I stepped on it. Suddenly, the sun was covered by a large cloud, and the sky darkened. I screamed: ”Ah! Our shadows are gone!” The friends also cried: ”Yeah! Right! What to do? What should I do?” I cried and found my mother: ”Mom, Mom, Shadow It��s gone!�� Mom said kindly: ��Because the light is covered, the shadow will not come out. When there is light, the shadow will naturally appear.�� Sure enough, after a while, the shadow appeared again! I slap my hand and screamed, ”Oh yeah! Good yeah! The shadow has appeared again!”king of this, I can’t help but laugh at the innocence and childishness of my childhood []Marlboro Red 100S[/url]. Yes! Childhood is colorful and carefree. Although my childhood has already left, it is worth our nostalgia.