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    New Year, I am looking forward to 2009 finally arrived! There is always a desire in my heart – that is, to visit the grandfather/grandma in Hefei for a long time. There are also three sisters who work and live in different places, three mothers and my lovely little girl. So, on the second day of the New Year, my father 1:30 noon, Sancha received us at the bus station. Back home, I finally saw my grandfather, grandma, who had been away for many days. They looked like they were a little older, and there were a few more white hair on their heads. All this made me look in my eyes and hurt in my heart. After lunch, I began to climb the mountain. The name of the mountain is Lushan. At the foot of the mountain, I and Sanchao, my father played the mountain climbing, and others waited for us at the foot of the mountain. The mountain roads are some stones, which is very inconvenient, but I still climbed to the top of the mountain first, and rested for a while on the top of the mountain. I looked around, and the mountain was green. Looking forward is the city. The scenery under the mountain is unobstructed. After reading it, I went back, and at the foot of the mountain []Marlboro Red[/url], I joined them and went home by car. The next day, Sancha took us out to play. In the morning, we first went to the sea world. When we entered the door, we saw the fish. The color of the fish is beautiful and looks different. Then, on the second floor, the number and types of fish increased. There are amphibians such as capybara, shaped like mice, eating small fish; baby fish, crying like a baby []Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], arms like a doll’s arm, can not be two years. Eat. I saw some powerful animals: the world’s longest snake, 1.9 meters long; eDonkey, often preying in groups, can put 300 ~ 800 volts; porpoise, often sharks attack it, but a little touch It will become a barbed ball, so that the shark can’t stop. Going forward for a while, I saw some specimens: spider crab, shark skull, turtle. Then came to the underwater world, standing here, like standing on the bottom of the sea, there are some weird and scarce fish in the underwater world: there are manta rays, known as underwater bats; Chinese sturgeon, has the reputation of ”big panda” in the water. Walking out of the underwater world, you will arrive at the Whale Hall []Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url]. There is only one slightly toothed whale in the museum, which is very large. On the left side of the Whale House is Penguin Island, where several little penguins swim around. After walking for a while, I saw a group of seals. My sister and I took a fish to feed the seals. I stretched the fish to a height of three meters from the seal. The seal jumped and my horse rose to some height. On the third time, one did not. Be careful to be eaten by seals. I saw the seals eating well, I was hungry, we went to eat KFC.
    Entering KFC’s fragrance, KFC was founded by Colonel Zambi, who began to recommend his own fried chicken to for a while, I went to dinner again. We ate a buffet. The waiters added some dishes every minute. The dishes were all baked. Our family had their belly belly. After dinner, I will go out. On the overpass, the night view of Hefei is so beautiful! The lights are bright and colorful, and you can go home by car after watching the ay, we went to the supermarket to buy something and picked up something in the store []Marlboro Gold[/url]. When I got home, I went to eat. After dinner, my dad and I took the train and left. On the train, I was thinking: the next holiday []Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url], I will come over. what! Hefei is really a beautiful city, I am very happy to play in Hefei.