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    Hej! Har blivit inbjuden till Site Talk. Vad är det?? En ny Scam eller? Jag kom på att fråga er som är mer insatta än mig i olika MLM företag. Det står att det ska bli den nya Facebook?? Någon som vet något om grundarna, vad det går ut på mm

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    Enigro, blev Unaico och Sitetalk är en del av Unaico Det är bara en massa scammers som är med i toppen på det här. Är en WGI kopia i lite snyggare förpackning. Jarle Thorsen har varit med i Pyramid spelen World Wide Alliance (WWA) og Plexpay Thomas Nordlund och Kenny Nordlund, -de går under beteckningen Norlundarna på Cint. Står en del om dem i detta forum Citerat i från den norska ekonomi sidan forum ””UNAICO (United Nordic Alliance Investment Company) er et underbruk av, kaller seg en ”Private Members Club”, og er høyst sannsynlig en HYIP-/Ponzi-svindel. Jarle Thorsen har pyramide-bakgrunn fra World Wide Alliance (WWA) og Plexpay. Rune Evensen har pyramide-bakgrunn fra GIIcorp. Dette finner man lett ut ved å google navnene + pyramide”" Denna tecten är tagen från Unaicos hemsida, -notera namnen ””London Corporate Meeting Our Founder, Jarle Thorsen, summoned key people to London last week. Dan Andersson, Thomas Nordlund, Kenny Nordlund, Sebastian Greenwood, Helle Schmidt, and people from Marketing, Product Development, IT and other pivotal parts of the business spent three- no, four- no five- er… some of them are still there, waiting for flights to get going again! The key issue was prioritisation of IT and implementation strategies for the many important launches that are imminent. The list of things just around the corner is long: SitetalkMall, Oxford Programme, Bingo, SitetalkMed, Sitetalk itself, SitetalkCare, SitetalkTravel, SitetalkHealthcard, SitetalkTracker… And then add to that a couple of things we can leak that are pretty new, like SitetalkMobile (more details on this in next week’s State of the Nation), and some things that are even bigger (which we cannot tell you about yet)… Let’s just say that we are stretched to capacity and being severely tested on our ability to coordinate IT and implement. Other topics worked through included our imminent new office launch in Singapore, as well as our new IT Development office in Riga, Latvia, as well as our new company and office in Slovenia. Oh, and this is VERY COOL: we are at the contract stage to take on a senior person who will help us set up and launch the company, The Oxford Programme (Beijing) WFOE. We also interviewed people for key corporate appointments at the top leadership level, people who can take us through to becoming a multi-billion Euro company. We explored and scoped out regional expansion plans, including India, Brazil, Russia, starting to do due diligence and fact-finding on launching these massive markets and others. Finally, we did workshops on Branding and Marketing, with a view to developing a complete corporate Branding Architecture, large enough to contain the phenomenal growth we are experiencing now and serve us well into the future when we are a top worldwide brand. Conclusion It is something I have said before, but it is worth reminding ourselves of: We have come a long way in a very short period of time. Just a year ago we were just a few hundred members that had seen Jarle’s dream and vision. Now we are rapidly approaching 100,000. Just six months ago we launched a social network that collapsed very quickly. Now we have a robust, fast, designed-for-purpose platform that is developing every week. Just four months ago we were on our knees, crippled by malicious DDOS attacks. Now we have one of the best back-offices in the industry. And in the last few weeks we have seen unprecedented record-breaking sales, week on week, in both Asia and Europe. We feel a real sense of pride and gratitude that you have joined us and stayed with us through this pioneering stage. Giving birth is not a passive restful affair. You have to push, fight the pain, go through the blood, sweat and tears, but it is worth it? Of course it is. Just look at your children. Our business (that you own a share of) is growing up nicely now and transitioning to the next level. Come to Budapest on May the 29th and see how far our baby has come! And help us celebrate our achievements and look to the future. I promise you will be amazed. Very best regards, Dan Andersson President Enigro”" Dom är igång för och lura nya människor.Men i lite snyggare förpackninh. Denna gång, så satsat det stenhårt på nyamarkander, som Ungern, Slovenien, Hong Kong (-dom är mäkta stoltya över att de har haft/har Sitetalk reklam på några bussar i Hong Kong, -vet ej varför? De kanske tror att det legitemerar det de håller på med,,,

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    Här kan man läsa om SiteTalk:

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    Och varför påminner deras fantasier om GPP, eller är alla arbetsskygga stöpta i samma form? Ja jag tänker på dom som står och skrävlar . Finns det nån som har räknat ut en medellivsläng på storljugande skitstövlar? Cint har för min del inneburet, att jag har fått upp ögonen för en hel del. Och informerat en helvetes massa folk om farorna. Så. om alla läste Cint så finns inte fotfästet för Cint kvar. Va skall jag då i en annan tidson då hitta på. Va